Schaefer Protocol 2023 Immersion WAitlist

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Welcome to the Schaefer Protocol!

Are you ready to be the change?

Are you frustrated because you're not finding answers to your own health challenges?

You know you can do better - but where do you start? What do you focus on first?

Maybe it's your practice - you want more for your practice members. More compliance, follow through, and even results.

You're done with the symptomatic process and your practice members "Not getting it" - you know the value of health is not in how we feel, but how we FUNCTION - and you want that for yourself and your practice.

Maybe you've taken my seminar, maybe you haven't, but either way, you've heard lots of great things about the changes people are seeing in their lives, and you want to know more!

There's quite a difference between knowing and doing - and I'm looking for the doers.

I'm looking for the DC's and students who are ready to take their next step towards the health and life outcome they want.

What does this look like?

Well, you start with a baseline, so you can track your progress. That way, you can also create measurable change and reach your goals faster.

Then, you learn an approach that isn't used in the traditional medical world, that's creating change in people's lives they never imagined was possible for get results you'll never realize are possible for YOU!

next class starts 2023
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